Bratva Connection: Maxim

Becky Wilde Romance Book

Bratva Connection: Maxim

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Author: Becky Wilde

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Bratva Connection: Maxim


The first time Kara Addison meets Maxim Volkov she’s mesmerised and attracted, but she also wants nothing to do with him. He exudes confidence and danger.

Kara finds out just how dangerous when Max takes her to his home after she’s hurt and won’t let her leave.

Finding out his deceased father was the leader of the Melbourne Bratva has her fear skyrocketing and she tries to escape, but her efforts are thwarted.

Though she tries to ignore the attraction building between her and Max, all too soon the heat is so combustible they both end up going up in flames.

Maxim drives her insane, blowing hot and cold and though she stands up to him, he commands with an iron fist.

Max continually tells her that she’s in danger and is trying to protect her, but she doesn’t believe him.

Kara argues with and fights him at every turn, but she can’t seem to stay out of his bed no matter how hard she tries.

There’s more going on than she realises but she finds out far too late.



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Bratva Connection


Becky Wilde. Previously wrote under the pseudonym Becca Van.


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