FAQ for Becky Wilde

Becky Wilde/Whimsical Words Publishing FAQ

Why Becky Wilde

Many of you will have questions about why I have re-appeared as Becky Wilde.

Becca Van was a pseudonym I used for writing as an exclusive author for Siren BookStrand. As such, I was not able to continue writing under that name. Becky Wilde was the name I adopted prior to signing up with Siren, it only felt fitting I reverted back to it.

To be fair, it is not without risk. When I was writing as Becky Wilde, more than 10 years ago, I was only just getting started and just developing as a writer. As such I am now very aware of the editing quality of the books I had written at that time. I am also extremely humbled by the readers who remember those stories fondly, in spite of their faults.

What is Whimsical Words Publishing?

Whimsical Words Publishing is the publishing and sales part of the machine I have left behind, my own publishing company if you will.

Up until now, I have always written for a publisher and basically had little to no input into the promotion, distribution or pricing of my books. That has also come at a premium, I would have to sign over the publishing rights to that publisher for a LONG time and be prepared to accept a percentage of the revenue of each book sold.

To be fair, it also included the book cover design and the editing/proofreading of the book before publishing.

I felt it time to take control of this part of the writing process, hence Whimsical Words Publishing.

Can I still buy your books on other platforms?

Yep… I have worked hard with my hubby to be able to provide my new books on major platforms such as Kobo, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

There will also be other platforms as we iron out the kinks and work out how to make that happen in time.

Whimsical Words Publishing will be my primary outlet for all books. The store built into this site will allow secure payments through Stripe, the payment processor, and books delivered in all formats via BookFunnel.